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American high school students invent Ebola detection 30 minutes

  From the United States Connecticut girls so that we can more quickly and cheaply detect Ebola (Ebola) virus. Ebola is a very rare form of the virus, known as fiber virus Ebola virus, virus, back in 1976, people had discovered its existence, this virus belongs to the infectious virus, the mortality rate at between 50% and 90%.

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  Aoliweiya·hailixi Greenwich high school student, she invented a new Ebola virus detection technology from 2015 Google $ 50000 scholarship of the scientific challenge. It is understood that this detection technique and cost only US $ 25, its storage and transportation do not need to be refrigerated.

American high school students invent Ebola detection 30 minutes

  According to the performance of the technology at the challenge site, we only need 30 minutes to detect whether an individual infected with the Ebola virus. Aoliweiya·hailixi in an interview, said she hopes to adopt the technology still raging in the West African outbreak of Ebola. The high school girl in her description of the project said, although early intervention can improve survival rates, but current testing methods are still very expensive, take longer and require sophisticated tools and refrigeration equipment, this is a frustrating thing.

  Aoliweiya·hailixi science teacher to show her the research direction, and suggested that her HIV, Lyme disease and the detection of diseases such as yellow fever, and hoped to find ways to simplify detection step. She said: "we must work together to find solutions to problems that threaten global health solutions. "

  This high school girl from Connecticut, said she hoped one day to become a doctor, access to Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders, is a non-profit organization (NPO), is also the world's largest independent medical relief organization, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999), and participation in external aid.

American high school students invent Ebola detection 30 minutes

  Google science challenge by Google, LEGO and national geographic, and many institutions jointly organized a science competition, contestants from around the world by presenting results of his endeavor to win scholarships. The event mainly to 13-18 students from various countries, whose aim is to make teenagers believe science can change the world. YSL Galaxy S5 Case

  Aoliweiya·hailixi culture in hopes that her success will inspire other girls on Science and computer interests, she said: "I'll be in girls when I first started trying to encourage them, and remind them, only really like one thing, will start thinking about how to improve, what should be improved, so that we can have fun in the process of thinking, success. "

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